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[ Oldworld Booting | Compatibility Listing ]

Normally, mol uses a NewWorld ROM to boot Mac OS. It is, however, possible to use a boot ROM (OldWorld ROM) instead.

This is not recommended for MacOS 8.6 or later since performance and stability might not be as good (and the NewWorld mechanism is just so much nicer!).

The main purpose of oldworld booting is allowing pre NewWorld ROM versions (MacOS 7.5.2 - MacOS 8.5) to be run in mol.

To run mol in oldworld mode, you need a compatible boot ROM. If the built-in rom is compatible, then it will be used automatically (make sure there is no rom_image line in /etc/molrc).

The following lines should be added to the /etc/molrc file:

  boot_method: oldworld
  rom_image: romimage_file
  oftree: oftrees/oftree.8500

The oftree should normally be 'oftrees/oftree.8500'. The oldworld ROMs supported by mol are all quite similar to the ROM of the PowerMac 8500. However, one of the other files in /usr/lib/mol/oftrees might be more appropriate. Relevant files are called oftree.modelname and should not have a '.nw' suffix.

To create a ROM image snapshot, use the romgrabber utility. IMPORTANT: Turn of virtual memory and start without extensions (press the shift key during startup). Failing to do so might result in a bad image. Also make sure it is copied as a binary (without any kind of encoding).