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Usually, the default configuration will work nicely. If you haven't tried to start mol, yet you should perhaps do that:

bash$ startmol

If the mouse are not working in full-screen mode, you should configure two things:

mouse_device: device
mouse_protocol: protocol

Device should usually be /dev/input/mice on newer kernels. But other possibilites are /dev/mouse, /dev/usbmouse, /dev/adbmouse. By doing

bash$ hexdump /dev/input/mice

and then move the mouse a bit it is possible to find out if the device is alive (it is, if numbers are printed out when the mouse is moved).

The mouse protocol should be either ps2, adb, or console. The ps2 protocol is probably the one to use. Note that even if the mouse is an ADB mouse, it is not certain the adb protocol should be specified. The console protocol is a bit special and is only to be used on older installations. If it is specified, mol expects mouse movements to be reported as escaped key sequences. Fortunately, this is a relic of the past.

There are a few other parameters which can be set, like the dpi of the mouse. This will eventually be documented here...