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In the download section, there are precompiled RPMs available. You need to download two packages; the mol user binary and the mol kernel module, e.g.:


The mol-kmods package contains kernel modules compiled against several different kernels. The kernels bundled with major linux distributions are (supposedly) supported. If the exact kernel version is not included, there are two possibilites:

(i) Accept a kernel version mismatch. This usually works (mol has a table over known incompatibilites). However, if it does not, you will either get a error message when you try to start mol or experience a kernel panic (or kernel freeze). By default, the startmol program will only accept a version mismatch if the '-a' switch is used.

(ii) Recompile the kernel module against the kernel headers of your kernel. Detailed instructions for doing this are available in the next section.

The RPMs can be installed by giving the following commands (as root):

bash$ rpm -i mol-kmods-0.9.60-1.ppc.rpm
bash$ rpm -i mol-0.9.60-1.ppc.rpm

If the kernel module part is to be recompiled, just install the mol package:

bash$ rpm -i mol-0.9.60-1.ppc.rpm --nodeps

Once you have installed both the user binary and the kernel module, it is time to verify that MOL works as expected.