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Mac-on-Linux makes it possible to run Mac OS (including OS X) under Linux/ppc. MOL is not an emulator but runs runs the OS directly without any CPU emulation. Moreover, NO ROM IMAGE is required.

...and it is OpenSource!
MOL is an open source effort; it is licensed under the GNU general public license.
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Mar 10:
Mac-on-Linux 0.9.68 is available for download. S
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Feature List
- Can run Mac OS X 10.1 and 10.2 (including 10.2.4)
- Can run Mac OS 7.5.2 to 9.2.2
- No ROM needed
- Linux can be booted inside MOL
- Full screen video (fbdev, xdga)
- MMU accelereaded X video
- Audio
- Ethernet
- Runs natively - good speed!
- Very compatible
- Idle sleep (8.6 or later)
- Instant save and
restore (temporary unavailable)
- AltiVec" support
- Multi-session support